A hilarious character I created mid 2008 for emoticons and flash game, Quiz Parampaa. Play it here. (Warning: May Cause Frustration)

Once upon time, I got bored with yellow emoticons (from YM! and Plurk) so I decided to create a new set of emoticons. This is the draft, hand drawn in a (wrinkled) paper.


Yeah. Rampampa later became Parampaa.


Animated Emoticons


 Download the emoticons set HERE

Parampaa Style Characters



I also developed a flash app, Character Creator so you can make your own Parampaa Character. Try it here:

Parampaa also available on LINE. You can download it here: or search sticker “Parampaa” on your LINE App. It will cost you 50 coins (Rp9900,- if you download from desktop)




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